History of First Baptist Church Campbellsville


First Baptist Church was organized in the year of our Lord 1848; which makes us the oldest church in the City of Campbellsville. The church was first organized in the home of Mr. Rich Hoskins. The officers appointed the first Pastor, Rev. Aaron Graves. The structure was a log house which served as both a church and school located in the 200 block of Cherry and Fisher Street. This was the place of worship for the Methodist and Baptist congregations. Rev. Graves resigned and Rev. G.A. Moore accepted the God's call. 

In 1905 Rev. John J. Brown became pastor and remained in this position until his death in 1943. At the passing of Rev. Brown, Dr. A.R. Lesley became pastor and many advances were made in this Christian assembly. Dr. Lesley responded to the Lord's call in Hopkinsville, KY. and the church then accepted Rev. L.V. Jenkins as pastor. Under his leadership a lot was purchased for the location of a parsonage. In 1946, Rev. Floyd W. Childs was called as pastor; authorization was made under his leadership to obtain $5,000 from Federal Savings and Loan Association for the construction of a church parsonage. The structure was erected and dedicated on September 14, 1947.

Change brought with it a new pastor, Dr. Stacy R. Shields who was an Indianapolis native.  Under this administration tragedy struck on March 28, 1962 as God’s House was destroyed by fire. However, the ashes carried God’s warmth to inspire the congregation to build a bigger and better edifice.  October 28, 1962- the day on which the dedicatory services were held for the present edifice- ushered in a new era in the history of First Baptist Church. In 1967, Pastor Shields returned to Indianapolis, IN and was succeeded by Rev. A.B. Moore who served as pastor from 1968 to 1972.  Pastor Moore alleviated the $61,000 plus in debt against the church.

In November 1973, God called Rev. Gregory F. Smith, who served faithfully.  New auxiliaries were added, child development care was provided in the lower auditorium of the church, and transportation was provided for the members and community. In September of 1982, Rev. Smith was then called to pastor the Hill Street Baptist Church in Louisville, KY and Rev. C.A. Richmond accepted the God's call to shepherd FBC. 

In June of 1986, Rev. David E. Goatley assumed pastoral responsibilities for FBC.  During his administration, he focused on evangelism, education, and missions.  The Lord blessed the church to develop new outreach programs designed to reach more people for Christ. Additionally, many capital improvements were made to the church facilities including the installment of padded pews in 1988. Dr. Goatley now serves as the Executive Director of Lott Carey Foreign Missions. 

In 1996, God graciously sent Rev. George P. Lee, III as pastor.  Lee took the church to a new level.  Through the guidance of the Holy Spirit, his leadership provided preaching, teaching, and studying the word of God.  The Imani Community Center was dedicated in May 2003.  The Imani Center provides recreational activities for youth and adults. Lee was also the Director of the First Hop Child Development Center; which was the first black owned daycare center in Campbellsville. Under Rev. Lee’s pastorate FBC acquired several surrounding properties including new office space for administrative facilities.  Rev. Lee’s vision enabled members of FBC to experience new heights such as undertaking foreign mission trips to Brazil and Mexico. God called Rev. Lee to continue His works at the St. John’s Baptist Church in Savannah, Georgia.

On February 17, 2007 God called Rev. Daniel C. Shull as Pastor of First Baptist Church. Pastor Shull has a strong pastoral emphasis on reaching the people of God through sound teaching and preaching of scripture to equip the saints to live pleasing to God. Immediately following Pastor Shull’s call to FBC Campbellsville, he began to form new ministries to meet the needs of the four generations that make up the vibrant congregation. Under his leadership new ministries were initiated such as the Daughters of Destiny ministry, the Assimilation ministry and a mission endeavor, the Cover Me Clothing Store. 

In March 2011, God blessed our congregation with Reverend Walter Davis, IV as Pastor of First Baptist Church. Pastor Davis restarted the Noah’s Ark Nursery, updated several structural and material items but more importantly, he updated, restored, refreshed and began anew the Holy Spirit residing in each of us. Pastor Davis is best known for his quote “there can be no me without you and there can be no you without me”.

On September 9, 2017, God called Pastor Montel Richardson to minister His Word to First Baptist Church. We are excited to be a part of this ministry and overjoyed to welcome Montel Richardson and his family to join our family. During his first year, First Baptist has experienced church growth, both, spiritually, numerically and financially. He is the visionary and founder of the H.O.P.E. Project which focuses on community outreach, economic empowerment and personal growth. The H.O.P.E. project sponsors an afterschool program; providing a safe and nurturing environments for children to learn and grow with full access to the latest technology. The Kingdom Café is the newest structural enhancement through the visionary leadership of Pastor Richardson also as a place of community & fellowship!!

God has continuously Blessed the First Baptist Church for 171 years, and The Best Is Yet to Come!!